Monday, July 30, 2007

Phone Script

Phone Script Initial Call

My first rule is to not use a script at all. I think they make you sound corny canned and un natural. We are real people and we are looking for a real connection. Most people are not going to buy something from a robot they are going to buy from a human beginning that they can connect with. So when I am talking to people I am not afraid to speak from the heart and be my self. I do however always ask a set of qualifying questions to determine if the person I’m talking to is a good fit or not. Here are the questions and “script” that I ask during the first conversation.

Hello Prospect, This is your name getting back to you from your location with the coastal synergy group. You had recently responded to some internet advertising about making money from home is that still the case?

1) How Long have you been looking to work from home?

2) What are you currently doing for a living?

3) How do you like it?

4) How much are you currently making monthly

5) Are you married? If so is your spouse going to be involved in the decision making process?

6) Do you have any kids? How old?

7) WHY are you looking to work from home?

8) What kind of income are you looking to make?

9) Have you ever worked at home before, owned your own business or been in sales?

10) If not are you willing to learn?

11) If you were able to make _______ (use there number this is to paint a picture) a month what would you do differently with your time or money?

Great you sound like exactly the kind of person that im looking to work with. Do you have something to write with? Write down this website. That is going to show you exactly how you are going to be able to earn __________ (their Number) and ____________ (their why). After you get through that info write down an question that you have and I know you are going to have some for me and call me back at ____________ (your phone number).

GO WITH THE FLOW. Don’t be a afraid to get off the topic and go where the conversation takes you. Find a common ground so that you can make a connection. Always remember to get back to the questions at some point. Keep all conversations to about 7 mins. We want people to see how easy this really is and if they think they are going to have to spend 20 mins to a hour with everyone forget it. Learn more about some of the best home based business ideas on my website

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