Friday, July 13, 2007

Job Positions

ABC corp. seeking people to work long hours, be away from there family’s and get largely under paid what they are worth.

Job Description: We are currently in need of people seeking security. We will guarantee what you will make as long as we don’t lay you off which we probably will at some point to cut back our costs. We will give you great benefits however. We are looking to pay you just enough so that you wont quit in exchange for you to do just enough work so we don’t fire you.

Requirements: When you do in fact sign in with us, we will expect you to wake up everyday at 6am, drive a hour to get here, hire a baby sitter to raise your kid. When you want to take a vacation you will have to ask us first as long as we are paying you. If you want to go to the bath room at anytime during your shift you must ask your shift supervisor. If you want to anything you must ask your supervisor. Learn more about some of the best home based business ideas on my website

Benefits of working for us include:

· Excellent Experience for Resume

· Comprehensive Interviewer Retention Program

· Recognition for team/individual performance & length of service

· Team Centered Environment

· Flexible Scheduling

· Career Advancement Opportunities

Position Ranges from 30k to 40k a year depending on skill level.

Please give send us you resume as soon as possible as positions are filling up quickly with this VERY generous offer or call me immediately at 888-898-3055 to set up a interview.

In my eyes this is no different from the same add that every responds to when they get a job. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad that there are people that are willing to do this so I have someone to serve me when I am out. If you want to stop being a slave to your job and you haven’t took that leap yet I would love to show you how to generate a income from your home.

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