Saturday, June 9, 2007

Story about the journey.

Murphy’s committee (my version)

When you start this game you make a decision weather you like it or not. You decide to leave the pasture with the cows and go to the other side which is paradise. To get there however you have to cross the desert. This is a process some people would rather stay in the pasture with the cows because crossing the desert is too far its too hard. Other people realize that this is there calling there is not other option. They can not hold and enjoy a conversation with the cows its all to negative and boring. Which one are you? When you decided to enter this industry of direct sales and network marketing you steep into the desert but you are not out yet you are going to encounter what seems like great success in the desert and great obstacles but these obstacles are what qualify us to get to the paradise on the other side. Let talk about were we started before we decided to go on this journey to paradise. The cow pasture. What is a cow pasture like? Cows just grassing on grass every so often they look at the other cows. How is your grass over there? MOOOO its ok how is yours? MOOOOO its ok. THIS IS BORING FOR US. We want to talk about our goals and our dreams, We want to achieve something. We don’t want to talk about how horrible everything is. Drifting through life with no direction just grassing on grass. So we look at that desert. Yes its going to be HOT. Yes it might be far. Yes its going to be hard. But we decide to steep in knowing that’s it not going to be easy. Most of you have made that decision to steep in congralations but its not that easy you are going to encounter something’s along the way. What separates those that make it through from those that don’t is they realize this and they don’t turn back no matter what obstacle presents it self. They know what’s going to happen and they are ready to battle it before it even starts. That is my goal I want to let you know what you are going to encounter in the dessert before it happens so that you are ready for it. Once you put that foot into the desert you have made it a lot further than most but its not over. So what is going to have to happen before we make it to the other side to paradise? Well eventually our water is going to run out. We are going to start to get thirsty we might even start to get delirious and look over and see our friends and family on the edge saying MOOOO telling us just turn back you are never going to make it through the desert. “why don’t you just come back to the pasture were you know you are safe and secure.” “The desert is a scam its one of those pyramid things. Normal people never make it through the desert” It must just be the heat though they would never really want that for us knowing what we are going to have when we reach paradise. So it must just be the heat playing tricks on us. So we keeping going through the desert. As we continue on our journey we start to get tired but we keep on trucking all the sudden we are stuck sinking. ITS QUICK SAND. There is going to be quick sand along our journey there is no doubt about that. There are things that will try to pull us down. The more we fight it the faster we will fail. Learn to let go and go with the obstacles that present them self and slowly bring your self back to the surface and keep on moving forward. Next we see water we must be there this is the month that we make it so we run, finally we are there. YAY I cant believe we made it but time keeps going and we keep running and it disappears. It was only a mirage we are not there yet. Feeling discouraged we start to seconded guess or self’s thinking maybe none of this is real maybe paradise is just a marriage. It would be so much easier to just turn back and go back to the pasture. BUT NO we remember why we started this journey through the desert so we didn’t have to wake up to the alarm clock any more, so we could be our own boss, to get away from the negativity to be free and never have to worry about money again. We remember that we have seen others make it to paradise it must be real so we keep walking through the desert. Our water runs out, we are hot tired but full of energy we know that walking trough this desert is the right thing to do so we walk proud. All of the sudden we see palm trees and water flowing is this paradise or another mirage? We start running again finally all of our hopes and dreams have paid off we knew we could do it we are here we make it to the palm trees and its real. We set up camp and drink the water and we are living good for awhile. Not a care in the world. We knew we could do it. All of the sudden we wake up one morning and the water is gone and the trees are dieing. It was only a oasis just a temporary success We are just not there yet. Maybe we adjusted our way of living to that of they way of life in the oasis and lost everything that we built in the oasis. . Feeling discouraged we call one our friends. Not one of the cows back in the pasture because we know that they will just tell us how much better things are in the pasture and after seeing the oasis we know that there is a better way. We call one of our friends in paradise and we they pick up we start crying and telling them about our devastation. They just laugh. “Man this is serious I lost everything I built in that oasis none of it was permanent if this is what paradise is like I want nothing to do with it why are you laughing?” “ I’m laughing because we have all been through but it means that you are getting close. Every desert has a oasis and if you had not made it to that oasis you might have died out there in the desert . You might have starved to death. The oasis was a sign that you are on the right path is was a taste to keep you going of what the good life will be like. Keep pushing through the desert you are almost there.” So we pick up our stuff and we keep walking through the desert running into some pastures along with way with cows mooing and grassing and trying to get us to stay in the pasture with them. We have come so far we keep walking. Things start to slowly get easier we can see paradise in the horizon. Our bodies and mind have become conditioned to life in the desert. Walking across the sand become easier, We no longer feel hungry. We are confidant nothing will stop us. We walk faster bringing those along the way that want to come leaving those behind that don’t. We walk now with a team stronger than us and we walk through the desert together. We only walk with those who we know are going to make this journey and we don’t invite those that are going to hold us back for we are too close to have anything stop us. All of the sudden our eyes close and we fall to the ground. When we open them we are in the back of a limousine there is a man driving us. We look over at the other cars and can see peoples lips mouthing “lucky”. The car pulls up to big gates and we realize that we made it this is our house. We are in paradise. We let go of the outcome so much and were so confidant that we would be here we didn’t even realize we were already here. Our driver pulls up to the circle in front of our mansion we get out and look. Its huge. We have one of those circle drives ways and a large 10 car garage to hold all of our fancy cars. Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari a hummer. We even have a helipad on the roof for our personal helicopter. We walk in and steep on our beautiful black marble floors and look at the huge window in front of us with a outstanding view of the ocean. Our cook is preparing a exquisite meal for us to enjoy. The phone rings and the butler answers it and brings it over. You answer its one of your friends. He says man I wish I would have. And you say I’m glad I did. To think if you had not gone through that desert you would still be in the pasture with the cows. Learn more about some of the best home based business ideas on my website

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