Saturday, June 9, 2007

Get a real job!

Recently received a email from some one so saw something online talking about what I did for a living (I removed the curse words and put bleeps in there place), it is as follows

To whom it may concern

Whoever the BLEEP you are. Have you ever considered working for a living. I'm a union bridge-building carpenter working in the Chicagoland area. I make more money than anyone I know and I do it all myself without any scam. So take your scam, shove it up your BLEEP, let it fester for a while and if the rest of the world is lucky you will get colon cancer and die. BLEEP you, you lazy sack of BLEEP.

Now 98% most of the emails I get are extremely encouraging talking about how I have motivated people to move to a higher level in there life but for some reason every now and then I get a email like this one. Now I could get discouraged and think wow this guy is right why don’t I work for a living? Or I can use this as encouragement. Guess what I chose to do? We all have choice’s in life we can let other people keep us down or we can try to understand what they are really trying to say. I heard a cool analogy the other day that I think applies to this. If you put a crab in a bucket you have to put a lid on it or the crab will get out but if you put another cran in the bucket you can take the lid off because the other crabs will keep pulling each other down. That’s why they say stop being crabby hahaha. I chose to let this man lift me up not let him pull me down. I could of wrote him a nasty letter back and that was my first reaction about how what I was doing was right and telling him how rude he was. Instead I chose to take a deep breath and try to see things from his point of view. I ended up writing a thank you note for him taking the time to let me know how he felt about me. Lets examine this a little closer. This man is a very hard worker and through his social conditioning feels that the only way to make money is through sweet. His parents and role model’s in life were probably manual labor’s and so that’s all he knew. He was never thought that working smart is a much better way of working rather than hard. When he saw that I was making the kind of money that I make (Which is probably more the he makes) working from my computer and never breaking a sweet. It made him angry. He was probably thinking because of he didn’t know any better. If someone can make more than me and not work as hard as I do they must be doing something dishonest and illegal. No one ever told him that 76% of millionaires are Investors and business owners and none of them doing any manual labor. I often have people tell me to get a “real job”. That makes me chuckle lets take a look at a couple definitions of a “real job”. One example is waking up every morning when someone else tells you to at the same time drive to a building. You spent your priceless time sitting in that building for 8 hours everyday building someone else’s dream. After that the clock hits 5pm so you pick up your stuff and head home you do that everyday Monday though Friday. (for some Saturday and Sunday as well.) To find out that at the end of the month your silent partner who didn’t put anytime in named uncle same takes 50% of your pay check. You do that for 40 years (if you your lucky you don’t get let go do to down sizing or outsourcing) At the end you have 40 bucks in your back account and a crappie pension coming in every month that you only get half of because your ex wife decided that your relationship “wasn’t working anymore”! SOUND CRAZY? It does to me. That is the number way people in America live there life’s. They tell be to go get a real job? What about that plan sounds appealing you would have to be a pretty convincing sales person to sell me on that plan but years of social conditioning and the need to feel secure is what drives people to think that, that is the best way to live there life’s. At the end they have just drifted though and have accomplished nothing. The funny thing is they weren’t even really that secure even though lay off are decreasing they are still happening at a extremely high numbers. “Initial filings for state unemployment insurance aid for the week ended March 31, increased to a seasonally adjusted 321,000 from an upwardly revised 310,000 the prior week,” (cnn news april 5th 2007). Don’t think that’s the plan for me how about you? Well Ryan I can a agree that having a job doesn’t sound like a great idea but you should start a real business like opening a retail store. Sounds a litte better right? Well I would a agree that it is but still wouldn’t make any sense all things considered. If I were to open a retail store I see two options reinventing the wheel and coming up with a whole new Idea and plan. Problem with that is I have no education on starting my own business and because of that the odds are not in my favor. 90% of new business fail in there first 5 years. I think that is because of lack of education. My other option is buying a franchise. One the low end I would probably pay at least $100,000 and according to statistics I would take me about 5 years to see a profit. I don’t have the savings available to be able the wait that long with that kind of a investment do you? Ok so lets say that I did. I would have to then go buy or rent a building. I would have to pay for insurance, electricity, employee’s, a lawyer, inventory, a decorator, advertising to get people in the door and that’s not event guaranteed. I could spend 2,000 dollars and since I don’t know anything about marketing not even have one person walk in the door. So then I could hire a advertising firm and hope that they knew what they were doing. I’m sure there is more things that I cant think of right now as far as cost’s but you get the picture. On top of all those expenses I would have to do a ton of paper work and drive to my work all the time and make sure things were running smoothly. None of that is that horrible but I have found a better way. Imagine having a store where you only paid for the advertising for each individual that walked into the store and said that they wanted to know more about the product. Imagine that you could chose how many people walked into your store everyday. Isn’t that every brick and motor business owners wet dream? Well its real and its called coastal been around for 12 years now and 100% legal. So call me lazy, crazy or insane but I have found a proven system that has a total of on the max 11,000 dollar investment and people can get in for 1,000. I have no employees my over head is about 150 bucks a month for a couple websites and I spend maybe 700 bucks a month on advertising and can generate over a 100,000 a year with ease working about 40 hours a week. You can work this business from your house (no rent) and make more money than probably any of the people I talked about above. So you tell me who is the crazy one me or the people with the “real jobs”? I think ill stick with what I have thanks for letting me know what you think about me though!!!

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