Thursday, February 28, 2008

Asking the right questions

It is obvious to most that to have a successful business a sale needs to take place. That means that you have to have something to sell and someone to sell it. So when people say “In our company there is no selling.” That should immediately send up a red flag. If there is nothing be sold than how are you making money? I just doesn’t make any logical sense. With Global Resorts Network we get paid $1,000 when we SELL a 3,000 membership. With that said we don’t want to be salesy either.

This is were most people get confused. People have this what seems to be almost innate perception of what sales is. When they think sales they get this picture of a shady car sales man in there head. So guy doing a sales pitch. Talking a lot. Convincing people to buy something. That is not what sales is at all. Its important not to call people about Global Resorts Network and “pitch” them.

When people tell you I don’t want to do anything that has to do with sales, they are saying that most likely people they are not 100% familiar what sales really is. To combat that we give this impression of our industry that’s its 100% automate, you don’t have to talk to anyone, no sales required. Wile this is a quick fix a band aid if you will. This is not a long term solution to building a success Global Resorts Network business. We sign up the audience that we market to. This kind of marketing attracts weak lazy minded people with a lottery ticket mentality. (I will talk more about this in a later blog.)

What we want to learn how to do and teach our team how to do is ask the right questions. If this is done right the other person will pitch them self’s and convince them self to buy your product or sign up in your business. On the first call talking to someone about Global Resorts Network you should spend 10% of the time talking and 90% of the time listening. Learn to ask questions that engage the other person in the conversation and get them to talk.

The majority of people are going to be naturally resistant to someone trying to persuade them of anyhting. We like when ideas are our own. People are much more likely to take action on there own idea rather than something you are trying to convince them of. Learn to ask questions that will make your idea there idea.

If some one asks you a question answer there question with a statement ending in a questions back to them. As Jeffery combs would say learn to become a “master asker.” For example if someone asks How long will it take for me to make money with Global Resorts Network? In stead of stumbling all over your self trying to come up with the right answer it would be far more effective to say something like this that’s a great question How long do you think it will take you to make money with Global Resorts Network? Let them do the talking.

A good sales person does not have the “gift of gab”. They have the gift of listening. Learn to really listen to what people are saying. Find there hot buttons. They will tell you what gets them excited and what is going to have to happen for a sale to take place. If you want a successful Global Resorts Network business don’t only learn to be a great asker learn to be a great listener.

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