Thursday, February 28, 2008

Building A List

If you are in Global Resorts Network I would hope that it is your plan to stay in this business for the long term. A try it mentality will certainly guarantee failure. If you are not 100% committed and sure that you will be successful you probably wont ever be. If you are in fact serious about this business and are in it for the long term there should be one thing that you are laser focused on. That is building a list, a database of subscribers.

Any major business understands that importance of a list. When you see large companies merge and take over other companies its not because they like the other companies name better or product better. It’s their data base of customers that they are really buying. Your subscriber list is everything, it’s the life and blood of your business. There is more to it than just building a list of people interested in Global Resorts Network however. It is important to maintain a relationship with that list so that they like you, trust you and want to participate in any and everything you offer them

So how do you build a list.? There is a very simple formula for building a list of subscribers. First you will need something to manage your list. I recommended setting up a auto responder if you don’t have one already. I personally like Aweber. You can find it at This will allow you to collect names, phone number and anything else you want, send automatic pre made emails over a period of time, have different lists for different topics, send out large broadcast emails to people in your campaigns and a lot more.

The next thing you need to do is set up a capture page for either you personally or Global Resorts Network. I suggest that you brand your self. A capture page is a brief website outline some of the features and benefits of what you are promoting with the sole purpose of collecting people information. For a example of a capture page visit When the person fills out there info on the capture page they will be added to your data base in Awber.

So once you have these two things set up all you have to do is drive traffic to your capture page. There are many different ways to do this, search engine optimization, Google ad words, buy leads, email marketing, voice broad casting, direct mail, print ect. So to sum it up the formula goes like this, drive traffic, capture information, follow up and relationship build.

Once you start building a list it is important to maintain integrity don’t abuse your list. Don’t send 5 emails a day. Never promote something to your list that you your self have not tried. Don’t try to sell them everything you can get your hands on. At the same time make sure you stay in touch with them so they don’t forget about you.

Build a relationship with your list buy sending out useful tips or products that you think might help then. You can attach a affiliate link to these products as well and make money even if they Don’t join Global Resorts Network. Most importantly provide good quality content that they can benefit from. If you list likes and trusts you they will buy from you.

As far as my automatic follow up messages go when some on first opts in to my page promoting Global Resorts Network. I send them 17 emails that are set to go out over a 30 day period of time. After that I send out updates on team trainings, business presentations, new hot weeks ect… My auto responder messages have one topic and one goal each…. They are meant to help walk people through the information gathering process one step at a time. One email might be inviting them to a conference call, or sending them to the web site… I try to keep them short to the point and full of good content not salesy wording.

If you can master this art of building a list of loyal subscribes you have virtually built a unlimited ATM machine that you can withdraw from when ever you feel like it. Think about having a list of just 5,000 good subscribers. That are all interested in a home business. You send out one email about a new product that is targeted at that niche that sales for $100 and you make $50 on every sale. If just one percent of the people on your list buy that product you would have just made $2,500 just for sending out one email that took you 5 minutes. (50x50=2,500) So my point is stop just looking at what’s right in front of you and look at the long term. If you want Global Resorts Network to start paying you like a business, than you need to start treating it like one and start thinking like a business owner.

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