Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Creative

My journey in the home business industry has certainly been a emotional one. It has also been one of the best learning experience in all aspects of my life. Talk about character defining. With Global Resorts Network I signed up 11 people personally in my first two months but that’s because I have learned the process and it doesn’t happen over night. Its funny how ours egos operate we are so full of our self’s sometimes that we think the world is out to get us that we are the only ones with our problems.

Well I have come to realize that everything I have been through to get where I am someone else has been through that as well. Everything that I think is holding me back the people before me that have gone further than me thought was holding them back as well. We get so caught up in the right now that we forget that there is a process. This is why you have to learn to be solution mined. Stop making up excusing for why are you failing and start asking questions. If you learn to ask your self the right questions than you can find the right answers. Global Resorts Network is just a vehicle its not the end all solution. You have to learn how to drive it.

You will come to cross roads where you will be forced to make decisions I came to those cross roads a little over a year ago when I was in Coastal Vacations. I stated to do really well and quit my job. I got my bills up to about 5k a month had a nice house car ect. You know the deal. I loved working full time at home. There was no doubt that I was meant to be a entrepreneur. I hate being told what to do, when to do it, you get the point. Anyways I came to a point where I hit a dry spell. I don’t know why. Maybe I got to comfortable and started being lazy. Maybe it was the time of the year. What ever it was I started to run out of money and I started run out of it fast.

The problem was that I didn’t have money to advertise and pay my bills. Since I wasn’t advertising I didn’t have any prospects to talk to since I didn’t have prospects to talk to I wasn’t making any sales. I think you get the picture and can see the catch 22 I was in. It wasn’t good. To Be honest I was terrified the last thing I ever wanted to do was get a job. They are not that bad until you don’t have to go to them any more. Its kind of like you don’t think you need a cell phone until you have one for a wile now you can leave home with out it. For me getting another job was not a option.

No on the outside it seemed like there was no hope at all. You have to have money to make money right and I didn’t have any money coming in and a lot going out. I wasn’t going back to a job. So I started to get creative. I started to think of some ways that would cost me a lot of money that I could still drive traffic and create leads. This is when
I started making videos and adding friends on myspace. I developed a whole system to do it like no one else was doing it. I was also getting results like no one else was getting results. I started networking with guys like Steve Isser that were experts at this kind of guerilla marketing and making a ton of money doing. There are so many no traditional ways that you can drive traffic.

Here is the catch. It was not as steady as my traditional advertising and took a lot more work. The thing is though that I was making money again and with the money I started making I put it back into advertising and got my business jump started again.

The point that I am trying to make is not to brag or toote my own horn but to stress the importance of determination. How bad do you want it? If you don’t want it bad enough someone else does and they will get it. So why delay the inevitable just go back and get a job now. If you are determined and always in search for the solution and not focused on the problem you will do very well in this industry. When you come to a cross roads don’t do what everyone else is doing. Don’t follow the crowd like sheep. That’s what employees do. Start thinking of creative ways that you can do it better for less. That’s were the greats are made.

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