Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Marketing Flow

There are essentially four steps that you want to follow every day if you want to be successful with Global Resorts network. I call it the marketing flow. They are in this order, drive traffic to a capture page and collect peoples information, contact people with the information you have by email, phone, mail or whatever, follow up with them and collect a decision. Those are the money making activities if you will.

There is a lot of busy work that can keep you busy if you let it but it wont make you any money. Like making new Global Resorts Network business cards or checking your email every hour, cleaning your desk, surfing the web. I think you get my point. In this industry there are a lot of distractions and it can be really difficult to focus. The only problem with that is that focus is going to be your main ingredient to success.

I’m not saying that all of that stuff isn’t important but I am saying learn to schedule out your day properly so that most of your time is spend on what is making you money. You see with Global Resorts Network we are not getting paid for our time we are getting paid for our production. So the more productive we can be in the shortest period of time the more money we will make. That’s the recipe for success get more done in less time with as little effort as possible.

So lets break down the marketing flow and talk about each step. Lets just get it out in the open and just say that calling leads just plain sucks. It is certainly not a long term business strategy. The best prospect is a you specific, Global Resorts Network lead. Someone that already has a relationship with you because they learned about you on your pages and already understands Global Resorts and requested that you specifically call them. The more of these you talk to the better off you are going to be.

The way that you create one of these leads is by driving traffic to a capture page that is branding you and your ability as a leader. Then send them through a funnel of information on Global Resorts Network. That way when you call them there is a much better chance of being able to close them on the first call and you wont have to do anything selling most likely they will have sold them self’s.

There are many ways to drive the traffic as I have mentioned before I would recommend studying, SEO, Google Adwords, web 2.0, Direct Mail, Email marketing and voice broadcasting and pick which one works best and make the most sense to you. My personal two favorites and where I get most of my sales from is web 2.0 and Goolge Adwords.

The next step is to get in contact with the person. In my opinion the most effective way is to give them a call on the phone. It is important to note that don’t want to do some pitch where you throw up all over them all the information about Global Resorts Network. What you do want to do ask them qualifying questions and send them to the information if they have not reviewed it yet. You should also have a autoresponder set up with follow up messages going out automatically. Encouraging them to go through the information and call you. Refer to my initial call script to see a outline of this call.

After your prospect has thoroughly gone through all the information you want to set up a follow up call. The best way for this to work is to have them call you. At the same time if you have heard from them for a wile I think its ok to touch base with them and see what’s going on. Your main goal on this call is to collect a decision yes or no. Don’t forget to ask for the sale… “Are you ready to get started with Global Resorts Network right now.” This is were you will handle objections and cross people off your list or sign them up. Refer to my follow up script for a outline of this call.

The more people that you talk to the more money that you will make. Spend your day getting in front of and putting as many people as you can through all of the information that need on Global Resorts Network to make a decision. To really maximize your results it will require that you start to build some skill in the process. That is something however that you will learn as you go its not going to come to you right away. Bottom line is spend your time doing what’s making you the most money. Learn the marketing flow.

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