Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Objections Oh My

In my personal opinion on of the things that keep most people in Global Resorts Network from succeeding is the fear of rejection. They are so terrified that some one is going to reject them say no to them. They get so scared that they don’t pick up the phone, they try to find ways to automate and get people to sign up with out them interacting at all, and most importantly if they do get on the phone for some they don’t ask for the sale. Would you like to get started with Global Resorts Network today? Its that simple… Not doing any or all of those things combined is almost certain to guarantee your failure in this business.

Here is the million dollar question do people ever really even say no? When is the last time that you actually heard someone say no to you? Most people are just as scared of saying no as we are of hearing it. So they object, stall think of a reason to delay making a decision one way or another. If we can learn to properly recognize objections, keep our cool and navigate through them with ease we will be in a much better position to take our Global Resorts Network business to the six figure level and beyond. On the contrary if we don’t than we are almost guaranteed to end up going to back to our 9-5 with the infamous boss.

Don’t take it personal again they are not rejecting you. Most of the time they are not even rejection Global Resorts Network. When a objection arises its it important to probe and find out exactly what they didn’t understand and if they are stalling or Global Resorts just isn’t for them. We do this by answering with statements ending with questions back to them. For example “Yea this looks good but I don’t have the money” “Sure I understand neither did I when I got started do you have access to any sort of credit by any chance?” That’s just one example of tons of questions that you could ask to probe and check there temperature to see if they really don’t have the money or just don’t want to spend it. You need to pull out the real objection.. maybe they don’t want to spend it because there is something in the information that they reviewed that they don’t understand or read the wrong way. Never assume anything FIND OUT!

Another great way to handle objections is a technique called feel felt found. First empathies with them, telling them that you understand how they feel. Then tell them about how you or somebody else who felt the same way. Then tell them how you or that other person found that things were not so bad and that when they did what you want the buyer to do they found that it was actually a very good thing to do. For example “I don’t have the money” “Sure John I understand how you FEEL when first looked at Global Resorts Network I FELT the same way I didn’t have the money either that’s why I was looking for something to make money, however what I FOUND was that I could put it on my credit card and the monthly payments would only be 100 bucks a month and after I made just 4 sales I could pay the entire thing off.

Here is how this is explained at “By empathizing with how they feel, you are building harmony with them to create rapport. When you talk about how somebody else felt, you move the focus to a more objective place which they are likely to trust more. This also makes them a part of a group such that they do not feel alone. When they are attached to that group, then you move the whole group by telling how the person in the group changed their mind. The buyer, being attached to the group, should change their mind at the same time.”

Take some time and prepare for the main objections that you hear about Global Resorts Network Be ready for them before they come up but don’t bring them up if the other person doesn’t. When they come up stay at peace and answer them non chalantly and ask a question back. If you are comfortable there other person will be too. Learn to love objections because when they come up that means that you are close to making a sale. The worst thing that could ever happen is someone not sign up and not give you a objection because that means to have no where to go. Move past the objections and ask for the sale.

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