Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trial Closing

A famous acronym in sales is ABC. It stands for always be closing. Throughout the entire process of talking to you a prospect about Global Resorts Network you should be asking trail closing questions. A trail closing question is a question that you ask to check the other persons “temperature” to find out where they are in buying process.

The are several reasons that it’s important to asking trial closing questions. They help get your prospect into the mind frame that you are going to be to be asking them to buy the Global Resorts Network membership. So when the question comes up later there is no surprise and they will be more likely to prepare them self to make a decision. It Also helps you know how close you are to the sale and when the time is right to ask for the sale. Another great thing about trial closing questions is they helps you to feel more comfortable asking for the sale because if you are asking the right questions you should know the answer before you bring it up.

Here is a great example of a trial closing question. “On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest where do you would you put your self at getting started with Global Resorts Network,?” If they say something lower that ten you can say “Great what would it take to get you to a ten?” This will give you a good idea of what you are going to have to show or ask them to make the sale happen. If they say ten than it might be a good Idea to go ahead and ask “how would you like to pay”

When you first join Global Resorts Network if you have not prior sales experience trail closing will not feel natural. In fact it will probably make you a little un comfortable. However if you make it a habit, the more that you ask trail closing questions the more natural they will become unil you get to the point where you are completely un aware that you are even asking them. Like with anything trail closing takes practice. Start making a conscious effort to have one objective to ask them through out the entire sales process with each new prospect. Keep your main goal in mind at all times, to bring in a new team member to global resorts network and or sell a membership. Remember always be closing.

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