Thursday, February 28, 2008

What is web 2.0 and why should you be using it?

Web 2.0 is a made up term commonly used to describe the new craze of the internet, social networks. Some examples of social networks are, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and Dig. Blogs and podcasts are considered web 2.0 as well. Some examples of blogs are and and a great example of a podcasts combined with a social network is the website

So what do all the sites have to do with you and better yet how can you use them to build Global Resorts Network? Well the great thing about all of these sites is they are free to join. They are also built on a community of people. The trick to this is to not solicit and spam people asking them to look at your company. This is a ineffective method and is a complete waste of time. The best way to do this put your self out there and let the people come to you.

When doing this do not go against the grain. If you are making a profile on myspace for example don’t make a ad for Global Resorts Network. Make a actual profile and tell your story. Everyone has something that they can give something that makes them unique from everyone else out there. Make sure that you give content give people a example of the kind of training and everything that you are going to do for them if they join with you.

However use caution if you do this the wrong way it can actually hurt you. There are people that create videos or make profiles and write articles that try way to hard and they end up coming across as fake. Also make sure that you keep your content short and sweet people have very low attention spans if it’s a video keep it around 3 minutes or less. Get to the point don’t drag it out. Be your self be enthusiastic and most importantly be honest.

When you are sharing try to stick to content that what most people really want. When searching the internet people are looking for valuable information for the most part. Try to align with that goal in mind and provide good quality content. If you are new there is still plenty of stuff you can talk about. Talk about your system and what you are learning. Compare the Global Resorts Membership with Travelocity Expedia Orbitz. If you had a bad day calling leads share it people can relate where ever you are in the process you have valuable information to share. Get creative and find it.

The best part of all of this is that if you do it right and blanket the internet with good quality content people will find you and the will call you. If you get to the point where you have a TON of feelers out there. Its not going to happen over night it takes a lot of time. However if you get to that point you phone will start ringing off the hook all day with people calling you. I hardly ever pick up the phone any more and dial. Its not to say that im apposed to it. If I have down time I will most certainly be proactive. It should be your goal to get you self to that point. There is nothing better than having people call you.

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